All Autumn Leaves

  • Shugakuin Imperial Villa

    Shugakuin Imperial Villa also known as the Shugakuin Detached Palace is a separate, but related site from the Kyoto Imperial Palace (hence detached) which features three main gardens and some tea houses. These Japanese gardens are considered to be some of the best in Japan. Shugakuin Imperial Villa is in Read more [...]

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    Shinnyo-do Temple

    Shinnyo-do Temple is a Buddhist temple of the Tendai sect in Kyoto. Shinnyo-do Temple is famous for its bright red and orange leaves in Autumn. Shinnyo-do Temple was established in 984AD by Kaisan Shonin.

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    Seikenji Temple

    Seikenji Temple is a Buddhist temple that was established by Monk Jindo in Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo Prefecture between 1342 and 1345. Seikenji Temple was reconstructed and relocated in 1932 to its current site in Sakyo Ward Kyoto. Seikenji Temple features some pretty red and orange Autumn leaves in late November.

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    Nison-in Temple

    Nison-in Temple is famous for its bright red and orange maple leaves in Autumn (early December). Nison-in Temple, officially known as Ogura-yama Nison-kyo-in Keidaiji, is a Buddhist temple of the Tendai sect, in Ukyo Ward of Kyoto. Nison-in Temple was established in 834AD, however all of the structures from this Read more [...]

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    Nyakuoji Jinja Shrine

    Nyakuoji Jinja Shrine, also known as Kuma Nonyakuoji Shrine, is particularly popular for its Autumn leaves when the leaves of the surrounding trees have turned various shades of orange and red. Nyakuoji Jinja Shrine Kyoto is along Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Walk. Nyakuoji Jinja Shrine was established by retired emperor Goshirakawa in Read more [...]

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    Nanzenji Temple

    Nanzenji Temple (Kyoto) is a popular Japanese Temple complex with a distinctive two-story entrance gate (sanmon) and aqueduct. Nanzenji Temple is famous for its bright red and orange Autumn leaves. Nanzenji Temple is close to Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Walk.

  • Kodaiji Temple

    Kodaiji Temple is a Buddhist temple from the Rinzai sect in Kyoto. Kodaiji Temple, formally known as Jubuzan Kodaiji, is the largest of the sub temples of Kenninji Temple. Kodaiji Temple was established in 1606 by the widow of Toyotomi Hideyoshi as a place to pray for late husband. Kodaiji Read more [...]

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    Jorinji Temple

    Jorinji Temple is a Buddhist temple in Sakyo Kyoto. Jorinji Temple was originally established by a monk called Rodo around 600 meter south of current location in 1573. Jorinji Temple was then moved to its current location when it was destroyed by a fire in 1671. The Jizo (guardian deity Read more [...]

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    Bokugoan, also known as Ho-oji Temple, features a small Japanese promenade garden just inside the front gate of the temple, which the public can often see through the gate. This garden looks particularly beautiful when the Autumn leaves are red and orange.