All Autumn Leaves

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    Chion-in Temple

    Chion-in Temple is a Buddhist temple, which is the head temple for the Buddhist sect of Jodo Shu (Pure Land) and was established by Honen in 1234. Chion-in Temple is within a large compound which today is next to Maruyama Park in Kyoto. Chion-in Temple features the largest surviving Sanmon Read more [...]

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    Anrakuji Temple

    Anrakuji Temple is very popular in cherry blossom season, early summer for its azaleas and its Autumn leaves of red and orange. Anrakuji Temple Kyoto is along Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Walk.

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    Rengeji Temple

    Rengeji Temple is a Buddhist temple, that is famous for its garden which is best seen when the leaves start to change colour in Autumn. Rengeji Temple is in north eastern Kyoto.

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    Tofukuji Temple

    Tofukuji Temple is a Buddhist temple which is one of the Kyoto Gozan (Five Great Zen Temples of Kyoto). Tofukuji Temple is a large temple complex with 24 sub temples remaining from an original 53. Tofukuji Temple is famous for its main gate (sanmon) which is the oldest in Japan Read more [...]

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    Jojakkoji Temple

    Jojakkoji Temple is a Buddhist temple in Ukyo Ward of Kyoto. Jojakkoji Temple is famous for its bright red and orange maple leaves in Autumn. Jojakkoji Temple features a pagoda, which is a designated Important Cultural Property, that was completed in the 17th century, but in the 16th century Momoyama Read more [...]

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    Genko-an Temple

    Genko-an Temple is a Buddhist temple of the Soto sect of Zen Buddhism in the Kita Ward of Kyoto. Genko-an Temple is famous for its two windows that look out at the temple’s Japanese garden. One window is round (The Window of Enlightenment) and the other square (The Window of Read more [...]

  • Sanzenin Temple

    Sanzenin Temple is a Buddhist temple of the Tendai sect, in northern Kyoto. Sanzenin Temple is famous for its beautiful gardens that feature a moss garden, Autumn leaves and cherry blossom in Spring. Sanzenin Temple, also known as Kajii Monzeki, is one of the five Tendai Monzeki temples which in Read more [...]

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    Chorakuji Temple

    Chorakuji Temple is a Buddhist temple in the Higashiyama Ward in Kyoto. Chorakuji Temple is famous for its bright red and orange leaves in Autumn. Chorakuji Temple was established in 805AD by Saicho at the request of Emperor Kammu. The principle artifact is an image of Kannon Bosatsu, which hisorically Read more [...]

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    Hokyo-in Temple

    Hokyo-in Temple is a Buddhist temple, in the Saga District of Kyoto, which is famous for its bright red and orange Autumn leaves. Hokyo-in Temple was constructed for Emperor Shirakawa during the Heian Period and was originally named Zennyuji Zennyuji. The current buildings were reconstructed after the Meiji Period.

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    Nara Park

    Nara Park is a large public park (660 ha) and is a major focus of the famous sites of Nara including several sites that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Listing of “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara”. Nara Park is designated one of the “Places of Scenic Beauty” by the Read more [...]