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    Mt Misen

    Mt Misen, the highest mountain on Miyajima Island rises 535 meters above sea level. Mt Misen is covered with a primeval forest which is part of the World Heritage listing for Miyajima.

  • Sakurajima

    Sakurajima is an acitve volcano across Kagoshima Prefecture Bay from Kagoshima Prefecture city. Sakurajima still deposits large amounts of volcanic ash on the surrounding area, but the last major eruption was in 1914 when a lava flow joined what had been an island to the Osumi Peninsula.

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    Mt Komagatake

    Mt Komagatake is a mountain in the Hakone region which features the Hakone Komagatake Ropeway, scenic views of Lake Ashi and surrounds. The summit of Mt Komagatake also features part of the Hakone Jinja Shrine.

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    Mount Inasa Lookout

    Mount Inasa lookout provides a 360 degree view of Nagasaki city and the surrounding region. At the summit (333m) there is a circular glass observation building. When seen at night it is referred to as “Nagasaki’s 10 Million Dollar Night View” (1000万ドルの夜景, Issenmandoru no yakei). Mount Inasa lookout can be Read more [...]

  • Mount Yoshino

    Mount Yoshino, in Nara Prefecture, is famous for the best cherry blossom in Japan. Mount Yoshino features around 30,000 cherry blossom trees which blossom over an extended period and is included in the list of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots.

  • Mt Ikoma

    Mt Ikoma is highest mountain in the Ikoma Mountain range at 642m. Mt Ikoma is on the border of Nara and Osaka Prefectures.

  • Mt Kongo

    Mt. Kongo, in Southern Osaka Prefecture, is the highest mountain in Osaka Prefecture (altitude: 1,125 meters), near the top are Katsuragi Shrine and Temporinji Temple.

  • Mt Bizan

    Mt Bizan is the symbol of Tokushima City. From the lookout point on the top of Mt Bizan the whole of Tokushima City and beyond. On a clear day the Kii Peninsula to the east and Awaji Island to the north can be seen. Access to Mt. Bizan is provided Read more [...]