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    Lake Ashi

    Lake Ashi Hakone is a popular tourist destination, famous for the Hakone Pirate Ships and on a clear day, views of Mount Fuji. Other views on and from the edge of Lake Ashi include the surrounding mountains and the floating torii of Hakone Shrine. Lake Ashi (芦ノ湖 Ashino-ko), often referred to as Read more [...]

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    Shinobazu Pond

    Shinobazu Pond is a large pond or lake within Ueno Park to the north east of central Tokyo. Shinobazu Pond is divided into three sections: Cormorant Pond, Boat Pond and Lotus Pond. The Cormorant Pond is within the grounds of Ueno Zoo. in the middle of Shinobazu Pond is Benten Read more [...]

  • Kanmon Strait

    Kanmon Strait is the narrow body of water between the islands of Honshu and Kyushu. There are two rail tunnels, the Kanmon Pedstrian Tunnel and the one road bridge, Kanmon Bridge, which cross the Kanmon Strait from Moji Ward Kitakyushu on the island of Honshu to the island of Kyushu.

  • Lake Shikotsu

    Lake Shikotsu is a key feature within the Shikotsu-Toya National Park. Lake Shikotsu is a caldera type lake, that is formed in the opening at the top of a volcano, which is the second deepest lake in Japan (max 363m) giving it the second largest volume of any lake in Read more [...]

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    Fudotaki Waterfall

    Fudotaki Waterfall is a beautiful waterfall, which appears in front of you at the end of the pretty Manyo Park track. Close by this attractive 15m (49ft) waterfall is a stone statue of Fudomyo-o, a powerful god associated with averting evil.

  • Mino Waterfall

    Mino Waterfall, in Mino Osaka Prefecture, is one of the best 100 waterfalls in Japan. This magnificent waterfall is about 33 meter high.

  • Kegon Waterfall

    Kegon Waterfall is an impressively high 97m waterfall, which is particularly popular in Autumn when the leaves of the trees in area turn a stunning red. Kegon Waterfall flows into Lake Chuzenji, a picturesque lake in the Nikko National Park near the historic city of Nikko. While Kegon Waterfall is Read more [...]

  • Lake Chuzenji

    Lake Chuzenji is a picturesque lake in the Nikko National Park near the city of Nikko. Lake Chuzenji is famous its 97m high Kegon Falls. Lake Chuzenji is quite deep in sections at up to 163m, and has a circumference of 25km. While Lake Chuzenji is close to Nikko, there Read more [...]

  • Naruto Straits

    Naruto Straits are a narrow section of water between Awaiji Island and Shikoku Island at Naruto in Tokushima Prefecture. The Naruto Straits are famous for their Naruto Whirlpools, which are large whirlpools caused by large tidal flows going through the narrow Naruto Straits.