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    Edo Tokyo Museum

    Edo Tokyo Museum is a museum of the history of Tokyo. The main features of the permanent exhibitions are the life-size replica of the Nihonbashi, which was the bridge leading into Edo (Tokyo). Edo Tokyo Museum, which opened in 1993, building covers 30,000 square meters and is modeled on the Read more [...]

  • Mt Fuji Radar Dome Museum

    Mt. Fuji Radar Dome Museum is a tribute to the meteorologists who built a radar research facility at the summit of Mt Fuji. Mt. Fuji Radar Dome Museum features a room which simulates the conditions at the summit of Mt Fuji.

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    Museum of Maritime Science

    The Museum of Maritime Science is a six-story museum shaped like a full-sized ocean liner, unsurprisingly devoted to ships. One of the main displays, a gigantic turbine engine, was actually set in place first and the museum was built around it. There are a few historic vessels on the adjacent Read more [...]

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    Hiroshima Museum of Art

    Hiroshima Museum of Art was established in 1978 by Hiroshima Bank in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of its foundation. Hiroshima Museum of Art exhibits about 90 works of Modern European paintings and 90 works of Modern Japanese paintings plus special exhibitions from time to time. The Hiroshima Museum of Read more [...]

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    Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum

    Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum is a building dedicated to ramen with a small museum and many ramen restaurants with the inside of the building and the restaurants styled like Tokyo in 1958. Why 1958? This is when instant noodles were invented.

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    Ryukyu Mura

    Ryukyu Mura is a living recreation of a traditional Okinawa village, featuring actual Ryukyan houses that have been relocated from all over the islands of Okinawa Prefecture. Ryukyu Mura features performances of traditional Okinawa dance and music, along with traditional Okinawa crafts produced using original methods and tools.

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    Osaka Science Museum

    Osaka Science Museum, in Nakanoshima Osaka, houses a collection of historic science exhibitions. The Osaka Science Museum also houses the planetarium. The Osaka Science Museum is next to the National Museum of Art Osaka.