All Observation Decks

  • Chiba Port Tower

    Chiba Port Tower is a skyscraper and observation deck in Chiba city, to the east of central Tokyo. Chiba Port Tower, which is 125m tall, is in Chiba Port Park. The observation deck at Chiba Port Tower is at 113m and provides 360 degree views of Chiba city and across Read more [...]

  • Mojiko Retro Observation Room

    Mojiko Retro Observation Room is on the 31st floor and provides a 180 degree view of the Kanmon Strait, Mojiko Port and views of the Mijiko Retro. Mojiko Retro Observation Room is in the Mojiko Port area of Kitakyushu.

  • Fukuoka Tower

    Fukuoka Tower is a 234 metre tower close to the seaside, features three observation decks for stunning views of Fukuoka. Fukuoka Tower, located at the center of the Waterfront area ‘Seaside Momochi’, was built in 1989 as a monument of the Asian Pacific Expo (Yokatopia), an event to commemorate the Read more [...]

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    Shishiiwa Observatory

    Shishiiwa Observatory is on top of and right near the ropeway station closest to the summit of Mt Misen on Miyajima Island. From Shishiiwa Observatory you can look out over the sea and get close to the wild monkeys which congregate around the ropeway station.

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    Misen Observatory

    Misen Observatory, at the summit of Mt Misen on Miyajima Island, provides a marvellous views of the Setouchi islands dotted in the sea surrounding Miyajima Island.

  • Sapporo TV Tower

    Sapporo TV Tower is loacted at the eastern end of Odori Park in central Sapporo. Sapporo TV Tower, which was completed in 1957, has a design which is based on the Eiffel Tower, with a total height of 147m. Sapporo TV Tower features an observation deck at 90m which provides Read more [...]

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    Kobe Port Tower

    Kobe Port Tower is the first pipe structure tower in the world and has been a symbol of Kobe since. You can view Osaka Prefecture city, Mt Rokko and Kansai Airport from the observation deck when it is clear. It is illuminated every night.

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    Yokohama Marine Tower

    Yokohama Marine Tower was built in 1961 for the 100th anniversary monument of opening Yokohama seaport. It is renovated in 2009. The observation deck is 100 meters above ground and has a 360 degree view and on a very clear day you can even see Mt Fuji.

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    Kyoto Tower

    Kyoto Tower dominates the skyline of Kyoto and seems out of place in the city of temples. Kyoto Tower and it observation deck are conveniently near Kyoto Station.

  • Toki Messe

    Toki Messe, in Niigata, is the tallest building on the Sea of Japan coast and features an observation deck on the 34th floor which provides excellent views of Niigata and when the weather is clear, Sado and Awashima islands. Toki Messe also includes a hotel, restaurants, art museum, conference rooms Read more [...]