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Guide to Everywhere Temples including all the popular temples in Everywhere. Most temples in Japan are  Buddhist Temples. There are some very old Japanese Temple which were established over 1,200 years ago. Today some of these very old wooden temple buildings still survive, however many have been destroyed by lightning, fire, earthquakes, storms or war and have been rebuilt over the years. Still many of these rebuilt temple buildings are hundreds of years old. Many of these very old Japanese Temples are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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    Taizo-in Temple

    Taizo-in Temple is famous for its three Japanese gardens, which include two dry landscape and another large garden featuring a waterfall and pond. One of the zen style dry landscape gardens features a very dark grey sand and gravel mix, which is very rare. Taizo-in Temple is a Buddhist temple, Read more [...]

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    Shorenin Temple

    Shorenin Temple is a Buddhist temple of the Tendai sect in Kyoto. Shorenin Temple is one of five Monzeki temples where in the past, the head priest at these temples always belonged to the Imperial family. Shorenin Temple features two observatories that provide excellent views of the city of Kyoto. Read more [...]

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    Sengakuji Temple

    Sengakuji Temple is famous as the location of the graves of Asano Takumi no Kami Naganori and the 47 Ronin, who were involved in the Revenge of the Forty-seven Ronin, also known as the Revenge of the Forty-seven Samurai or Ako vendetta. Sengakuji Temple was originally constructed under the orders Read more [...]

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    Goju-no-to, in Miyajima, is a vermilion red Five-Storied Pagoda, built in 1407AD. Goju-no-to is a splendid structure and beauty which skilfully combines the beauty of Japanese and Chinese architectural styles. Goju-no-to is 27.6 metres high. Goju-no-to is next to Senjokaku Shrine.

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    Daishoin Temple

    Daishoin Temple is an ancient Shingon Buddhist temple built at the foot of the sacred Mt Misen on the island of Miyajima. During the time of fusion period of Shintoism and Buddhism, this distinguished temple governed all priests in Miyajima and was in charge of religious ceremonies of Itsukushima Shrine.

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    Shitennoji Temple

    Shitennoji Temple was established in 593AD, making it the first Buddhist temple in Japan. Shitennoji Temple is a large temple complex which includes a five story pagoda.

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    Gokoku-ji Temple

    Gokoku-ji Temple is a Buddhist temple in Bunkyo central Tokyo which is the Imperial Mausoleum and where Emperor Meiji is buried. Gokoku-ji Temple, established in 1681 by Tokugawa Tsunayoshi for his mother, is also famous as the central temple that oversees the practice of Japanese tea ceremony in all the Read more [...]

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    Rinnoji Temple

    Rinnoji Temple, also known as Rinno-ji Ryodaishi-do, is a Buddhist temple in Ueno Park Tokyo, which was a part of the cathedral of Kaneiji Temple and was called Kaizan-do or Jigen-do. In 1644 when Rinnoji Temple was constructed, what is now Ueno Park used to be the grounds of Kaneiji Temple. Read more [...]

  • Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple

    Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple is a Buddhist Temple which was established in 1282, by the famous Buddhist monk Nichiren. Ikegami Honmon-ji Temple features a five story pagoda, which was built in 1608 and is a designated Important Cultural Property, the Kyozo built in 1784 and the hoto, where Nichiren was cremated, Read more [...]

  • Kissho-ji Temple

    Kissho-ji Temple (also spelt Kichijo-ji) is a Buddhist temple of Sendan-Rin sect in Bunkyo Tokyo. Kissho-ji Temple was established in 1458, with the “Sendan-Rin” School for Buddhist monks being established in the grounds of the temple in 1592. In 1905 the school was renamed, Soto-shu University, which was again renamed Read more [...]