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Guide to Theaters and Concert Halls.

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    Music Box Concert Hall

    Music Box Concert Hall, in the Kurashiki Bikan Area, presents 30-minute concerts on 30 antique organs, pianos and music boxes from Europe, US and Japan. Each concert starts on the hour every hour.

  • National Theatre Okinawa

    National Theatre Okinawa building was completed in 2004, but the site has a long history as a performing arts site for traditional Okinawa performing arts. National Theatre Okinawa holds performances of Kumiodori, dances, plays and folk art.

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    Theatre BRAVA!

    Theatre BRAVA! (Ion Cosmetics Theatre BRAVA!) is performing arts venue in the OBP (Osaka Business Park) region of Osaka. Theatre BRAVA! Holds a varity of events including theatre, dance shows and concerts.

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    Osaka-jo Hall

    Osaka-jo Hall (also referred to as Osaka Castle Hall) is a multipurpose indoor arena which is used for rock and pop concerts along with martial arts championships. Osaka-jo Hall is within Osaka Castle Park.

  • Izumi Hall

    Izumi Hall, in Osaka Business Park, is a musical performance hall which is mainly designed for classical chamber music. Izumi Hall, completed in 1990, has an interior modeled on Grosser Musikvereinssaal in Vienna.

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    Osaka City Central Public Hall

    Osaka City Central Public Hall features beautiful stained glass windows, crystal chandeliers and dramatic ceiling painting. Osaka City Central Public Hall, a symbol of Nakanoshima area, features two concert halls and a restaurant that serves nostalgic menu items.

  • National Bunraku Theatre

    National Bunraku Theatre plays a significant role in preserving, developing and passing on the traditional art forms of the Kamigata (Osaka-Kyoto), especially the art of Ningyo Joruri Bunraku (puppet drama). The theater houses many facilities, including the main theater, a training institution and archives for historical materials.