All Japanese Shrines in Chiba Prefecture

Japanese Shrines are sacred buildings of the Shinto religion, an indigenous religion to Japan. The primary objective of a Shinto Shrine is to store and protect sacred objects, kami. These objects are said to be enshrined. Most Shinto Shrines feature a honden, the primary building where the sacred objects, kami are stored. An exception to this is where the sacred object is a mountain or similarly large object. Some shrines contain halls for worship, known as haiden.

  • Katori Shrine

    Katori Shrine in Katori in Chiba Prefecture is the ichinomiya (highest ranking or head shrine) of the 400 Katori Shrines throughout Japan. Katori Shrine, said to have been established in 642BC, enshrines Futsunushi (swords and lightning). The Honden and Romon gate of Katori Shrine where both built in 1700 and Read more [...]