All Maido and Cosplay Cafes

  • Maid Cafe Pinafore

    Please enjoy communication with our waitress who wear cute maid clothes.Address: Yamanaka Building 1F, 1-19 KandaSakuma-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 101-0025 JapanTEL: +81 3 5846 0778URL: 11amCLOSE: 22pm (Last Order 21pm)

  • Little BSD

    Japanese style bar with waitresses doing a costume play of animation characters and maids.Address: Isamiya Daiichi Building 4F, 3-7-12 Sotokanda, (Akihabara) Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 101-0021 JapanTEL: +81 3 3252 2733URL: http://koakuma.littlebsd.comOPEN: 6pmCLOSE: 23pm

  • Kura Taiheizan

    This bar is a normal bar on a weekday, but becomes a costume play bar on Sunday and Saturday.Address: 1-7-5 Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 101-0044 JapanTEL: +81 3 3252 3716OPEN: 5pmCLOSE: Tue-Thur 12amFri 1 amSat-Sun 10pm

  • Amusement Cafe Maid in Japan

    Amusement Cafe Maid in Japan is different from a conventional maid cafe, as it features an event stage, a large-sized liquid crystal display in a cafe and the maids perform various acts. URL:

  • Cafe Mai lish

    Cafe Mai lish is a small space in Akihabara to heal yourself. Our maids will wrap your body in admiration. Each waitresses plays the part of a costume character throughout the night. Tuesdays you can purchase maid clothes.URL: