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Sapporo Attractions

Sapporo attractions including Odori Park, Sapporo TV Tower, Hokkaido Shrine, Sapporo Beer Museum, Former Hokkaido Government Office, Sapporo Clock Tower and Sapporo Beer Factory. Our guide includes the best gardens, temples, shrines, observation decks, museums and art galleries. Our guide  includes the Top Ten Sapporo Attractions as voted by our readers.

We have organised our guide to Sapporo Tourist Attractions into categories to make it easy to find what you are looking for, plus there is a map of the attractions.

  • Susukino

    Susukino is the entertainment district of Sapporo, which features restaurants, bars and adult entertainment venues. Susukino is very similar to Kabukicho in Tokyo in both style and function, with many bright light signs which light up the area at night.

  • UNIQLO Sapporo

    UNIQLO is a large chain of casual clothing stores for men and women which has a reputation for providing good quality at a good price. UNIQLO is Japan’s top clothing retail chain in terms of sales volume and profit. UNIQLO now has stores in China, Hong Kong, South Korea, UK, Read more [...]

  • Sapporo Beer Museum

    The Sapporo Beer Museum is run by the Sapporo Brewing Company, offers free guided tours covering the history of beer in Japan and the process of brewing. At the end of the tour you can “taste” all the beer you want for 200 Yen per beer.

  • Sapporo Clock Tower

    Sapporo Clock Tower is loacted at North 1 West 2 in central Sapporo and is the oldest surviving buildings in the city. Sapporo Clock Tower which is a western style wooden building was built in 1878 and used by the then Sapporo Agricultural College (later renamed Hokkaido University). Today the Read more [...]

  • Sapporo TV Tower

    Sapporo TV Tower is loacted at the eastern end of Odori Park in central Sapporo. Sapporo TV Tower, which was completed in 1957, has a design which is based on the Eiffel Tower, with a total height of 147m. Sapporo TV Tower features an observation deck at 90m which provides Read more [...]

  • Odori Park

    Odori Park, in the center of Sapporo, is an elongated park which runs in an east west direction from Nishi 1 Chome to Nishi 12 Chome. Odori Park was originally planned as the main street in Sapporo, but was later changed to a park. Many events are held in Odori Read more [...]

  • Hokkaido Shrine

    Hokkaido Shrine is a Shinto Shrine within Maruyama Park in Chuo (central) Sapporo. Hokkaido Shrine enshrines the soul of Emperor Meiji and a famous explorer of Hokkaido, Mamiya Rinzo. Hokkaido Shrine was constructed in 1871, but was initially given the name of Sapporo Shrine. In 1964 the soul of Emperor Read more [...]

  • Mitsukoshi Department Store Sapporo

    Mitsukoshi Department Store Sapporo is part of an international department store chain founded in 1673 with the yago (shop name) Echigoya. The Mitsukoshi Department Store chain has its headquarters in Tokyo. The Mitsukoshi Department Store chain was the basis for the development of the massive Mitsui Group. Mitsukoshi Department Store Read more [...]

  • Daiei Department Store Sapporo

    Daiei Department Store Sapporo is one of the Daiei stores, a chain of department stores and supermarkets based in Kobe, but with over 3,000 stores all over Japan. Daiei Department Store Sapporo is in Sapporo.

  • Daimaru Department Store Sapporo

    Daimaru Department Store Sapporo is one of the Daimaru Department stores found throughout Japan. Daimaru has a history going all the way back to Dia-Monjiya Store in Kyoto which opened in 1717. Today the Diamaru Department Store chain is part of the Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Stores group, with many of Read more [...]