All Attractions in Kamakura

Attractions including all the main points of interest, tourist highlights and things to do in.

  • Tokeiji Temple

    Tokeiji Temple, formally known as Shokozan Tokeiji, is a Buddhist temple, that is the only surviving nunnery in Kamakura of the five that originally existed, that served as a refuge for women who had been mistreated by their husbands. Tokeiji Temple is sometimes also referred to as the 3Divorce Temple3.Tokeiji Read more [...]

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    Wakamiya Oji

    Wakamiya Oji is the main avenue of Kamakura which goes from the sea to the most important shrine, Tsurugaoka Shrine. There are three torii along Wakamiya Oji, one close to the sea (Hama no Otorii – Great Beach Torii), which signifies the strong connection between the shrine and the sea.

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    Komachi Dori

    Komachi Dori (small town street) is a street in Kamakura packed with a great range of restaurants and stores run by fine artisans. Komachi Dori runs parallel to Wakamiya-oji, from the Kamakura Station to Tsurugaoka Shrine.

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    Kamakura Station – JR

    JR Kamakura Station is the main station servicing Kamakura. JR Kamakura Station is operated by JR East and has two lines: Yokosuka and the Shonan Shinjuku. Next to the station is the terminal station for the Enoshima Eletric Railway line.

  • Jochiji Temple

    Jochiji Temple is a Buddhist temple, formally known as Kinpozan Jochiji, that belongs to the Engakuji school of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism. Jochiji Temple is ranked fourth in the Five Mountain system for Kamakura’s temples. While Jochiji Temple was established in 1283 little remains of the old buildings which Read more [...]