All Attractions in Kamakura

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  • Jufukuji Temple

    Jufukuji Temple, formally known as Kikokuzan Kongo Jufuku Zenji, is the oldest Zen Buddhist temple in Kamakura’s. Jufukuji Temple belongs to the Kenchoji branch of the Rinzai sect of Buddhism, and is ranked third in the Five Mountain system for Kamakura’s temples. Jufukuji Temple was founded in 1200, by Hojo Read more [...]

  • Favorite

    Engakuji Temple

    Engakuji Temple, one of the most important Zen Buddhist temples, was established in 1282 and is in Kamakura. Engakuji Temple is a large complex with eighteen building in total. Engakuji Temple contains several items designated National Treasures including the Shariden (Reliquary Hall) and the Great Bell.