All Gardens and Parks in Kyoto

Kyoto Gardens & Parks

Kyoto Gardens and Parks including the main gardens and parks in Kyoto , but doesn’t include gardens within temples and shrines. Parks are generally large and may contain gardens within, often Japanese gardens, but not always.

  • Umekoji Koen

    Umekoji Koen is a public park in Kyoto which houses the Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum. Umekoji Koen is only a short walk from Kyoto Station and features a large open grassed area.

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    Shosei-en Garden

    Shosei-en Garden is a formal Japanese garden, in Kyoto, which affiliated with the Higashi Honganji Temple. Shosei-en Garden features several tea houses, a large pond with a waterfall, stone lanterns along with trees and plants that flower throughout the year. Shosei-en Garden was designed by Ishiyama Saijo in 1643. Most Read more [...]

  • Shinsen-en Garden

    Shinsen-en Garden was originally part of the Imperial Palace of Kyoto during the Heian Period and derives its name from the pure water which came from a natural spring. The current design of Shinsen-en Garden is from the Meiji Period. Shinsen-en Garden features a small island in the middle of Read more [...]

  • Sento Gosho

    Sento Gosho is a large garden in the Kyoto Imperial Palace Park and next to the Kyoto Imperial Palace. Sento Gosho is the site of the former Sento Imperial Palace which was destroyed several times by fire, however two tea houses still remain. The main feature of Sento Gosho is Read more [...]

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    Sagano Bamboo Forest

    Sagano Bamboo Forest, also known as the Sagano Bamboo Grove is not only picturesque site, but is designated one of the one hundred must-be-preserved sounds of Japan by the Japanese Government. The sound of the wind moving through the bamboo is particularly distinct. The Sagano Bamboo Forest is in Arashiyama Read more [...]

  • Okazaki Park Kyoto

    Okazaki Park is now the location for the Kyoto Municipal Zoo, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto, Miyako Messe and Kyoto Kaikan Hall. Okazaki Park was once the site of six significant temples.

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    Murinan Villa

    Murinan Villa was the former villa of Meiji Period soldier and statesman Yamagata Aritomo. Murinan Villa is famous for its strolling Japanese garden which uses the borrow scenery technique and features a pond and two streams. Murinan Villa is near Nanzenji Temple in Kyoto.

  • Kyoto Botanical Gardens

    Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Gardens are said to be one of the best botanical gardens in Japan. Kyoto Botanical Gardens were established in 1924 and are set on an extensive 24 hectare site. The Kyoto Botanical Gardens features 12,000 kinds of plants including the very popular cherry blossom, a conservatory, a Read more [...]