All Museums and Art Galleries in Kyoto

Kyoto Museums & Art Galleries

Guide to Kyoto Museums and Art Galleries including all the main Museums and Art Galleries Kyoto.

  • Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum

    Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum, in Kyoto, a railway museum focused on steam locomotives. Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum, which opened in 1972, has 19 locomotives on display. The Umekoji Steam Locomotive Museum is centered around a 20 track round house, built in 1914, which is the oldest building of its kind Read more [...]

  • The Museum of Kyoto

    The Museum of Kyoto, in Central Kyoto, is a general cultural facitility which has permanent exhibitions covering the extensive history and culture of Kyoto. The Museum of Kyoto also has an art gallery displaying works of both Japanese and Western artists and a hall showing films associated with Kyoto. The Read more [...]

  • Sumiya Pleasure House

    Sumiya Pleasure House was a restaurant and entertainment venue for wealthy. The Sumiya Pleasure House is a designated Important Cultural Property as it is the only Ageya style architecture building remaining in excellent condition in Japan. The Sumiya Pleasure House was built in 1641 and then expanded to its current Read more [...]

  • National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto

    National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto, also known as MoMAK, is an art gallery dedicated to works from the 20th century and particularly from artists in the Kansai region. The National Museum of Modern Art Kyoto building was designed by Fumihiko Maki and opened in October 1986 with 2,600sqm of Read more [...]

  • Miyako Messe

    Miyako Messe, also known as the Kyoto International Exhibition Hall, is a modern exhibition hall which has special exhibition, but also has permanent exhibitions of dyed fabrics (like kimonos), Kyo dolls, Kyo laquerware, Kyo ware, Nishinjin textiles and Kyo Buddist Altar (Butsugu).

  • Kyoto National Museum

    Kyoto National Museum displays around 6,000 items from collections on loan from temples, shrines and the Imperial Household including 230 which are designated National Treasures or Important Cultural Properties.

  • Kyoto International Manga Museum

    Kyoto International Manga Museum which holds a collection of 200,000 items including rare Meiji Period magazines and postwar Manga rental books. Kyoto International Manga Museum is in the former Tatsuike Elementary School building in the Nakagyo in central Kyoto.

  • Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art

    Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art is an art museum in Kyoto which opened in 1933. The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art was established to commermorate the Showa emperor’s coronation. The Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art includes collections by Takeuchi Seiho.