All Japanese Shrines in Nishikyo

Japanese Shrines are sacred buildings of the Shinto religion, an indigenous religion to Japan. The primary objective of a Shinto Shrine is to store and protect sacred objects, kami. These objects are said to be enshrined. Most Shinto Shrines feature a honden, the primary building where the sacred objects, kami are stored. An exception to this is where the sacred object is a mountain or similarly large object. Some shrines contain halls for worship, known as haiden.

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    Matsunoo-taisha Shrine

    Matsunoo-taisha Shrine was founded in 700AD making it one of the oldest shrines in the Kyoto region. Matsunoo-taisha Shrine is at the base of Mt Arashiyama where a natural spring brings water to the surface which is particularly important to the local sake and miso companies to the shrine to Read more [...]