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Over 230 Kyoto attractions including Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), Ryoanji Temple, Nijo Castle, Gion Geisha District, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine, Byodoin Temple, Gіnkаkuјі Теmрlе and Arashiyama. Our guide includes the best gardens, temples, shrines, observation decks, museums, art galleries, Imperial properties and districts. Our guide  includes the Top Ten Kyoto Attractions as voted by our readers.

We have organised our guide to Kyoto Tourist Attractions into categories to make it easy to find what you are looking for, plus there is a map of the attractions.

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    Ginkakuji Temple – Silver Pavilion

    Gіnkаkuјі, аlsо knоwn аs Јіshојі, іs а Rіnzаі Ζеn tеmрlе іn nоrth-еаst Κуоtо. Gіnkаkuјі Теmрlе іs реrhарs thе ріnnасlе оf thе kіnd оf Јараnеsе аеsthеtіс knоwn аs wаbі sаbі, tуріfіеd bу rеstrаіnt, еlеgаnсе аnd а sеnsе оf trаnsіеnсе. Ginkakuji is a designated Special Place of Scenic Beauty and is a Read more [...]

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    Philosopher’s Walk Kyoto

    Philosopher’s Walk Kyoto is the name given to a 2km-long path through north-eastern Kyoto. Philosopher’s Walk Kyoto travels along a path next to a small river lined with cherry blossom trees passing five significant temples and two shrines.

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    Eikando Zenrin-ji Temple

    Eikando Zenrinji Temple is a Buddhist temple, in Kyoto, which is famous for its bright red and orange Autumn leaves and for its prominence in the past as a center of learning. Eikando Zenrinji Temple is a classic Japanese Temple.

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    Tenjuan Temple

    Tenjuan Temple is a Buddhist temple, that is a sub temple of Nanzenji Temple and within the massive Nanzenji Temple precinct in Kyoto. Tenjuan Temple is famous for its two beautiful Japanese gardens including a dry garden and a pond within a strolling garden.

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    Sudo-jinja Shrine

    Sudo-jinja Shrine enshrines the spirit of Prince Sawara Shinno, the son of Emperor Konin, who died in 785AD. Prince Sawara Shinno was also the younger brother of Emperor Kanmu who was the founder of the city of Kyoto. Prince Sawara was accused of ploting to seize power and was arrested, Read more [...]

  • Shugakuin Imperial Villa

    Shugakuin Imperial Villa also known as the Shugakuin Detached Palace is a separate, but related site from the Kyoto Imperial Palace (hence detached) which features three main gardens and some tea houses. These Japanese gardens are considered to be some of the best in Japan. Shugakuin Imperial Villa is in Read more [...]

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    Shinnyo-do Temple

    Shinnyo-do Temple is a Buddhist temple of the Tendai sect in Kyoto. Shinnyo-do Temple is famous for its bright red and orange leaves in Autumn. Shinnyo-do Temple was established in 984AD by Kaisan Shonin.

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    Shisendo Temple

    Shisendo Temple is a Buddhist temple from the Zen Soto sect, which is to the north east of Kyoto. Shisendo Temple is famous for its Japanese garden which features azalea bushes, gravel areas and ponds. This tranquil temple was established in 1641 by the poet Ishikawa Prefecture Jozan, who actually Read more [...]

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    Seikenji Temple

    Seikenji Temple is a Buddhist temple that was established by Monk Jindo in Amagasaki-shi, Hyogo Prefecture between 1342 and 1345. Seikenji Temple was reconstructed and relocated in 1932 to its current site in Sakyo Ward Kyoto. Seikenji Temple features some pretty red and orange Autumn leaves in late November.