All Cherry Blossom in Sakyo

To experience Cherry Blossom in Japan is one of life’s most enjoyable encounters, not just the sight of the beautiful blossom, but the history, culture and festivals related to cherry blossom in Japan add so much more to the event.

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    Philosopher’s Walk Kyoto

    Philosopher’s Walk Kyoto is the name given to a 2km-long path through north-eastern Kyoto. Philosopher’s Walk Kyoto travels along a path next to a small river lined with cherry blossom trees passing five significant temples and two shrines.

  • Kyoto Botanical Gardens

    Kyoto Prefectural Botanical Gardens are said to be one of the best botanical gardens in Japan. Kyoto Botanical Gardens were established in 1924 and are set on an extensive 24 hectare site. The Kyoto Botanical Gardens features 12,000 kinds of plants including the very popular cherry blossom, a conservatory, a Read more [...]

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    Heian Jingu Shrine

    Heian Jingu is a Shinto Shrine in Kyoto. Heian Jingu is famous for having the largest torii in Japan and its beautiful Japanese Pond Garden (chisen-shoyu-teien or shinden-zukuri), which is one of only two in Japan and stunning cherry blossom in Spring.

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    Anrakuji Temple

    Anrakuji Temple is very popular in cherry blossom season, early summer for its azaleas and its Autumn leaves of red and orange. Anrakuji Temple Kyoto is along Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Walk.

  • Sanzenin Temple

    Sanzenin Temple is a Buddhist temple of the Tendai sect, in northern Kyoto. Sanzenin Temple is famous for its beautiful gardens that feature a moss garden, Autumn leaves and cherry blossom in Spring. Sanzenin Temple, also known as Kajii Monzeki, is one of the five Tendai Monzeki temples which in Read more [...]