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Sakyo Temples

Guide to Sakyo Temples including all the popular temples in Sakyo. Most temples in Japan are  Buddhist Temples. There are some very old Japanese Temple which were established over 1,200 years ago. Today some of these very old wooden temple buildings still survive, however many have been destroyed by lightning, fire, earthquakes, storms or war and have been rebuilt over the years. Still many of these rebuilt temple buildings are hundreds of years old. Many of these very old Japanese Temples are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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    Jorinji Temple

    Jorinji Temple is a Buddhist temple in Sakyo Kyoto. Jorinji Temple was originally established by a monk called Rodo around 600 meter south of current location in 1573. Jorinji Temple was then moved to its current location when it was destroyed by a fire in 1671. The Jizo (guardian deity Read more [...]

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    Honenin Temple

    Honenin Temple is one of the Buddhist temples along Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Walk. Honenin Temple is a beautiful secluded Japanese Temple, which is famous for its thatched gate and paintings on the sliding screens in the head priest’s quarters are attributed to the Kano school of painters. Honenin Temple also features Read more [...]

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    Bokugoan, also known as Ho-oji Temple, features a small Japanese promenade garden just inside the front gate of the temple, which the public can often see through the gate. This garden looks particularly beautiful when the Autumn leaves are red and orange.

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    Anrakuji Temple

    Anrakuji Temple is very popular in cherry blossom season, early summer for its azaleas and its Autumn leaves of red and orange. Anrakuji Temple Kyoto is along Kyoto’s Philosopher’s Walk.

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    Rengeji Temple

    Rengeji Temple is a Buddhist temple, that is famous for its garden which is best seen when the leaves start to change colour in Autumn. Rengeji Temple is in north eastern Kyoto.

  • Entsuji temple

    Entsuji temple is a Buddhist temple of the Renzai sect which is famous for its Japanese gardens including one featuring the borrowed landscape style . Entsuji temple was established in 1678 on the site of a former Imperial Villa in northern Kyoto. Entsuji temple does not allow pictures to be Read more [...]

  • Sanzenin Temple

    Sanzenin Temple is a Buddhist temple of the Tendai sect, in northern Kyoto. Sanzenin Temple is famous for its beautiful gardens that feature a moss garden, Autumn leaves and cherry blossom in Spring. Sanzenin Temple, also known as Kajii Monzeki, is one of the five Tendai Monzeki temples which in Read more [...]

  • Jakkoin Temple

    Jakkoin Temple is a famous scenic Buddhist temple north east of Kyoto. Jakkoin Temple enshrines a 2.5m wooden statue of Jizo-Bosatsu which is an Important Cultural Property. Jakkoin Temple features a Japanese garden on three sides. Much of Jakkoin Temple and its garden were destroyed in a fire in 2000. Read more [...]

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    Konchi In Temple

    Konchi In Temple is a Buddhist temple, which is a sub temple of Nanzenji Temple. Konchi In Temple is famous for its Tsurukame Garden which has an extensive dry landscape style Japanese garden which is designated as one of the Special Places of Scenic Beauty. Konchi In Temple is also Read more [...]