All Attractions in Miyagi Prefecture

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    Zuigan-ji Temple

    Zuiganji Temple is a Buddhist temple in Matsushima, is considered to be one of the greatest Zen temples in Tohoku area. Zuiganji Temple was completed in 828AD, by craftsmen from many countries.

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    Sendai Station

    Sendai Station is a major station and one of the busiest train stations outside the greater area of Tokyo. Sendai Station, in the center of Sendai city in Miyagi Prefecture, it services both the Akita and Tohoku Shinkansen lines, plus the Senzan, Tohoku Main, Senseki, Joban, Sendai Airport and Nanboku Read more [...]

  • Shiroishi Castle

    Shiroishi Castle is a Japanese Castle in Shiroishi Miyagi Prefecture. There was fort on the site of Shiroishi Castle, prior to construction of Shiroishi Castle in the 1590’s. Shiroishi Castle was one of the few exceptions to the Tokugawa Shogunate’s proclamation of one castle per domain. Shiroishi Castle was demolished Read more [...]

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    PARCO Sendai

    PARCO Sendai is one in the chain of PARCO department stores found through Japan. The first PARCO department store opened in Tokyo in 1953. PARCO Sendai is in Sendai, next to Sendai Station.

  • Sendai Airport

    Sendai Airport (IATA: SDJ, ICAO: RJSS) is an international airport, but most traffic using the airport are domestic flights. Sendai Airport is 13km to the south east of central Sendai in Natori Miyagi Prefecture. Sendai Airport is connected to Sendai Station via the Sendai Airport Line. Sendai Airport became world Read more [...]

  • Sendai Castle

    Sendai Castle, also known Aoba Castle, was a mountain top style Japanese Castle in Sendai Miyagi Prefecture. Sendai Castle was built on the orders of Date Masamune on top of Mt Aoba which overlooks the city of Sendai. Sendai Castle played a key role in Boshin War, but was partially Read more [...]

  • Sendai City Museum

    Sendai City Museum is the main museum in Sendai and is less than 2km to the west of Sendai Station. Sendai City Museum displays the history of Sendai and in particular the artifacts relating to the Date family, which includes the famous suit of armor owned by Date Masamune which Read more [...]

  • Funaoka Castle Grounds

    Funaoka Castle Grounds, in Shibata in Miyagi Prefecture, is famous for its cherry blossom and is considered one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots. There are around 1,000 cherry blossom trees in the Funaoka Castle Grounds and along the bank of Shiroishi River. Funaoka Castle Grounds, also known as Read more [...]

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    Godaido Hall is pretty building perched on a small island on the coast off Matsushima. Godaido Hall enshrines five Nyorai statues.