All Landmarks in Miyagi Prefecture

Miyagi Prefecture Landmarks

Guide to Miyagi Prefecture landmarks which includes significant buildings, bridges, statues, intersections and structures in Miyagi Prefecture.

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    Godaido Hall is pretty building perched on a small island on the coast off Matsushima. Godaido Hall enshrines five Nyorai statues.

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    Kanran-tei Pavilion

    Kanrantei Pavilion is the tea house which provides great views of Matsushima Bay, great tradition Japanese tea and features beautiful paintings on the walls and folding screens which are designated as Important Cultural Properties.

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    Fukuura-jima Island

    Fukuura-jima Island is a small island, which has an area of 6 hectares. The island is connected to the main land at Matsushima by a red 252 meters bridge. The island is a lovely hiking spot where you can find a shell mound, a shrine and a tea house.