All Attractions in Mount Fuji

Attractions including all the main points of interest, tourist highlights and things to do in.

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    Ubuyagasaki on the edge of Lake Kawaguchiko is considered to be one of the best locations for viewing Mt Fuji. Ubuyagasaki is popular and famous for its cherry trees which are used to frame Mt Fuji in photographs. cherry blossom is normally out at Ubuyagasaki in the middle of April.

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    Fuji-Q Highland

    Fuji-Q Highland is amusement park with a variety of attractions suitable for adults and children. Home to the one of the world’s fastest roller coasters and features views of Mt Fuji. Fuji-Q Highland is in Fujiyoshida.

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    Fuji Omuro Sengen Shrine

    Fuji Omuro Sengen Shrine is the oldest shrine around Mt Fuji. Takeda Shingen is worshiped in this shrine. Every April, the Spring festival called ‘Hana Matsuri’ (Flower Festival) is held at Fuji Omuro Sengen Shrine, which features many stalls and attractions in the shrine on that day, providing a truly Read more [...]

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    Tenjo-Yama Park

    Tenjo-Yama Park on Mt Kachi Kachi in Kawaguchiko features an observatory that provides views of Mt Fuji, Fujiyoshida, Fuji-Q Highland and the Aokigahara forest. The name ‘Mt Kachi Kachi’ comes from a Japanese folktale which is a story about a rabbit and a Tanuki (Japanese raccoon). Tenjo-Yama Park is accessed Read more [...]

  • Mt Fuji Radar Dome Museum

    Mt. Fuji Radar Dome Museum is a tribute to the meteorologists who built a radar research facility at the summit of Mt Fuji. Mt. Fuji Radar Dome Museum features a room which simulates the conditions at the summit of Mt Fuji.

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    Kawaguchiko Station

    Kawaguchiko Station has one of the best views in Japan. From the platform at Kawaguchiko Station there are unobstructed views of Mt Fuji. Kawaguchiko Station is the closest station to Kawaguchiko and main stopping point for people coming to view Mt Fuji.

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    Chureito Pagoda

    Chureito Pagoda appears in many iconic pictures featuring cherry blossom and Mt Fuji in the background. Chureito Pagoda is a five story pagoda with bright crimson features that contrast against the white of the cherry blossom and snow on Mt Fuji. Chureito Pagoda is built on a hilltop facing Mt Read more [...]