All Gardens and Parks in Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji Gardens & Parks

Mount Fuji Gardens and Parks including the main gardens and parks in Mount Fuji , but doesn’t include gardens within temples and shrines. Parks are generally large and may contain gardens within, often Japanese gardens, but not always.

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    Tenjo-Yama Park

    Tenjo-Yama Park on Mt Kachi Kachi in Kawaguchiko features an observatory that provides views of Mt Fuji, Fujiyoshida, Fuji-Q Highland and the Aokigahara forest. The name ‘Mt Kachi Kachi’ comes from a Japanese folktale which is a story about a rabbit and a Tanuki (Japanese raccoon). Tenjo-Yama Park is accessed Read more [...]

  • Oishi Park

    Oishi Park is one of the best spots to view Mt Fuji. The view from Oishi Park consists of Mt Fuji in the background, Kawaguchiko (Lake) in the mid ground and the lavender of Oishi Park in the foreground. The lavender blooms from the middle of June to the middle Read more [...]