All Gardens and Parks in Nara

Nara Gardens & Parks

Nara Gardens and Parks including the main gardens and parks in Nara , but doesn’t include gardens within temples and shrines. Parks are generally large and may contain gardens within, often Japanese gardens, but not always.

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    Yoshikien Garden

    Yoshikien Garden is a beautiful traditional Japanese garden which features a tea house, a Pond Garden, Moss Garden and a Tea Ceremony Flower Garden. Yoshikien Garden is in Nara, near Nara Park and almost next to another famous garden, Isuien Garden.

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    Nara Park

    Nara Park is a large public park (660 ha) and is a major focus of the famous sites of Nara including several sites that make up the UNESCO World Heritage Listing of “Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara”. Nara Park is designated one of the “Places of Scenic Beauty” by the Read more [...]

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    Isuien Garden

    Isuien Garden is the only walking style garden in Nara. Isuien Garden is actually two Japanese gardens that were joined together to form one larger garden. Isuien Garden dates back to the Meiji era (1899).

  • Kasugayama Primeval Forest

    Kasugayama Primeval Forest is on the hills to the east of┬áKasuga Taisha Shrine in Nara and is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Listing of ‘Historic Monuments of Ancient Nara.’

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    Daijoin Temple Garden

    Former Daijoin Temple Garden in Nara is a garden where Daijoin Temple once stood. The garden was designed by Zen-ami in the mid Muromachi Period (1336 – 1568). In 1958 the site was designated as a Scenic Place. Starting in 1973 the Japan National Trust started restoring the garden.