All Landmarks in Nara

Nara Landmarks

Guide to Nara landmarks which includes significant buildings, bridges, statues, intersections and structures in Nara.

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    Nara-ken New Public Hall

    Nara-ken New Public Hall is in Nara Park and was constructed in 1987 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Nara Prefecture. Nara-ken New Public Hall features a Noh theatre which can also be used as a auditorium, plus conference rooms, reception hall and a garden.

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    Heijo Palace

    Heijo Palace was the former Imperial Palace during the Nara Period, when Nara was the capital of Japan. Today little remains above the ground of the original buildings and there is now a reconstruction of Suzakumon (gate) to the palace. Heijo Palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and forms Read more [...]

  • Heijo-kyo

    Heijo-kyo, also known as Nara no miyako, was the capital city of Japan during most of the Nara period (710-740 and 745-784). Heijo-kyo was focused around the World Heritage Site of Heijo Palace in what today is Nara city.