All Museums and Art Galleries in Nara

Nara Museums & Art Galleries

Guide to Nara Museums and Art Galleries including all the main Museums and Art Galleries Nara.

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    Nara National Museum

    Nara National Museum houses an excellent collection of Buddhist art including paintings, sculpture and altar articles. Many of the items on display are on loan to the museum from Buddhist temples in the Nara region. The original Nara National Museum building was completed in 1889 and is an Important Cultural Read more [...]

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    Kofukuji Temple Museum

    Kofukuji Temple Museum is within the Kofukuji Temple complex and is formally known as the Kofukuji Temple National Treasure Museum. Completed in 1959 it houses National Tresures and Important Cultural Properties including various artworks (statues, paintings and craft works), plus historical documents and books.