All Attractions in Oita Prefecture

Attractions including all the main points of interest, tourist highlights and things to do in.

  • Oka Castle

    Oka Castle was a mountain top style Japanese Castle in Taketa Oita Prefecture. Oka Castle was originally constructed in 1185, with many improvements and repairs completed around 1332. After 1594 more improvements were made including the addition of a donjon and palace. The donjon was later destroyed in an earthquake Read more [...]

  • Oka Castle Park

    Oka Castle Park, in Taketa Oita Prefecture, is famous for its cherry blossom being considered one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots. Oka Castle Park also features the ruins of Oka Castle which includes some walls.

  • Saiki Castle

    Saiki Castle, also known as Tsuruya Castle, was a hill top style Japanese Castle in Saiki Oita Prefecture. Mori Takamasa ordered the construction of Saiki Castle and it was completed in 1606. Saiki Castle was a large castle featuring a three story donjon, five double story turrets, a single story Read more [...]

  • Usuki Castle

    Usuki Castle, also known as Niyuujima Castle, is a hill top style Japanese Castle on the island of Niyuujima in Usuki Bay Oita Prefecture. Otomo Sorin ordered the construction of Usuki Castle and it was completed in 1562. During the 1560’s Sorin controlled a large part of Kyushu, however he Read more [...]

  • Hiji Castle

    Hiji Castle was a hilltop style Japanese Castle along the coastline of Beppu Bay in Hiji Oita Prefecture. In 1601 Kinoshita Nobutoshi ordered the construction of Hiji Castle and it was designed by Nobutoshi’s brother in law, Hosokawa Tadaoki. Today all that remains of Hiji Castle is the Sumi turret Read more [...]

  • Kitsuki Castle

    Kitsuki Castle was a hilltop style Japanese Castle on a 30m high rock platform along the coastline of Morie Bay in Kitsuki Oita Prefecture. Yorinao Kizuki ordered the construction of Kitsuki Castle and it was completed in 1394. The Shimizu clan besieged Kitsuki Castle, but failed to capture it, leading Read more [...]

  • Nakatsu Castle

    Nakatsu Castle is a flat land style Japanese Castle in Nakatsu Oita Prefecture. In 1587 Kuroda Yoshitaka ordered the construction of Nakatsu Castle, however it was still not completed by 1600, when Kuroda was awarded a new domain by Toyotomi Hideyoshi for his actions in the Battle of Sekigahara. Control Read more [...]

  • Funai Castle

    Funai Castle, also known as Oita Castle, is a flat land style Japanese Castle in Oita Oita Prefecture. Otomo Sorin, who controlled most of Kyushu, ordered the construction of Funai Castle and it was completed in 1562. Funai Castle featured a three story donjon (tower) and several turrets (yagura), however Read more [...]

  • Harmonyland

    Harmonyland is a theme park featuring Hello Kitty, My Melody, Cinnamoroll, Jewelpet and more characters created by the Sanrio company. Harmonyland is in Hayami-gun of Oita Prefecture on the island of Kyushu.