All Attractions in Okinawa Prefecture

  • Gokokuji Temple

    Gokokuji Temple is a Buddhist temple which was founded in 1367 in what is now Naha Okinawa. Gokokuji Temple was a major temple of Chuzan Kingdom and the Ryukyu Kingdom, but was also later associated with the Christian missionary Dr Bernard Bettelheim and Commodore Matthew Perry in 1853 to 1854.

  • Bise

    Bise District in Motobu Okinawa is attractions include the village of Bise with its hundreds of deep green Fukugi trees planted in rows to provide the houses of the village with protection from the strong winds of typhoons. Fukugi trees have been used for protection for thousands of years and read more

  • Favorite

    Zakimi Castle

    Zakimi Castle in Yomitan Okinawa Prefecture and is a World Heritage Site. Zakimi Castle is a gusuku (Okinawa Prefecturen) style Japanese Castle which was completed in 1422 by the Ryukyuan military leader Gosamaru. Today only ruins remain including walls and some foundations.

  • Urasoe Castle

    Urasoe Castle was an Okinawa Prefecturen style Japanese Castle in Urasoe on the island of Okinawa Prefecture. At the time of its construction in the late 13th century, Urasoe Castle was the centre of the Chuzan principality. During the 14th century Urasoe Castle was the largest castle on Okinawa Prefecture. read more

  • Warumi Bridge

    Warumi Bridge is a 315 metre long road bridge with a walk way that connects Yagaji Island to the main island of Okinawa. A walk along Warumi Bridge provides an ideal location to see the fabulous scenery which surrounds the bridge.

  • Wellness Village Motobu

    Wellness Village Motobu is a theme park where you can experience many marine sports activities and even swim with dolphins. Wellness Village Motobu also features traditional Okinawan musical instruments, pottery and crafts.

  • Yagaji Island

    Yagaji Island is famous for its Kouri Bridge, which is the longest open road bridge in Japan spanning 2,960 metres. Kouri Bridge connects Kouri Island at Nakijin Village to Yagaji Island at Nago City. From the observation deck on Yagaji Island you can obtain an excellent view of the Kouri read more

  • Tropical Dream Center

    Tropical Dream Center features over 2,000 orchids, an Amazonian aquarium and an observation gallery. Tropical Dream Center is within the Okinawa Ocean Expo Park.

  • Unten Port

    Unten Port, on the main island of Okinawa , is where the ferries going to and from Izena Island berth.