All Cherry Blossom in Osaka

To experience Cherry Blossom in Japan is one of life’s most enjoyable encounters, not just the sight of the beautiful blossom, but the history, culture and festivals related to cherry blossom in Japan add so much more to the event.

  • Senjima Park

    Senjima Park, in Osho Ward Osaka Prefecture, is an 112,034 sqm open space public park which was established in 1970. Senjima Park features azaleas and cherry blossom trees (flower in early April). Senjima Park also has five hills created from the material from the construction of the subway. The highest Read more [...]

  • Shirokita Park

    Shirokita Park is next to the Yodogawa River in Osaka. Shirokita Park covers 9.5 hectares and features many seasonal flowers including cherry blossom (April), chrysanthemum (November) and lilies (May and June). The Lily Garden features around 13,000 plants from three verities; Edo, Ise and Higo.

  • Osaka EXPO Park

    Osaka Expo Park was the site of the Osaka ’70 International Expo. Osaka Expo Park continues to be very popular in cherry blossom season and is considered one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots.

  • Favorite

    Osaka Castle Park

    Osaka Castle Park is a large 106.7 hectare park which includes many facilities, gardens and attractions including Osaka Castle and its cherry blossom which are considered one of Japan’s Top 100 Cherry Blossom Spots.

  • Nishinomaru Garden

    Nishinomaru Garden is Osaka’s most popular location for cherry blossom viewing and Hanami Parties. Nishinomaru Garden features around 600 cherry trees, including someiyoshino (the most popular variety of sakura (cherry blossom) in Japan) and around 95 kinds of Japanese apricot flowers. Nishinomaru Garden is located within the greater Osaka Castle Read more [...]

  • Japan Mint Osaka

    Japan Mint Osaka is the Head Office for the Japan Mint which has branches in Tokyo and Hiroshima. Japan Mint Osaka was opened in 1871 and began producing coins. Today you can take a tour of the Japan Mint Osaka and there is also a museum. Japan Mint Osaka also Read more [...]

  • Nagai Park

    Nagai Park is a large (65.7 ha) park which features three sports stadium including the 50,000 seat Nagai Stadium, baseball field and Nagai Botanical Garden. Nagai Park is also famous for its cherry blossom which lines many of the paths through the park.