All Museums and Art Galleries in Osaka

Osaka Museums & Art Galleries

Guide to Osaka Museums and Art Galleries including all the main Museums and Art Galleries Osaka.

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    Osaka Science Museum

    Osaka Science Museum, in Nakanoshima Osaka, houses a collection of historic science exhibitions. The Osaka Science Museum also houses the planetarium. The Osaka Science Museum is next to the National Museum of Art Osaka.  

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    National Museum of Art Osaka

    National Museum of Art Osaka is a uniquely designed underground museum opened in 1977 collecting both Japanese and foreign contemporary art by making use of the Expo Museum of Fine Arts, which had been built for Expo ’70. The National Museum of Art, Osaka exterior design was inspired by the Read more [...]

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    Suntory Museum Tempozan

    The Suntory Museum in Tempozan closed in 2010. It was a cultural complex featuring a Gallery and an IMAX® Theater. The former Suntory Museum building features a unique architectural design with a drum in the shape of an inverted cone embracing a sphere and two rectangular parallelepipeds stretching outward to Read more [...]

  • Osaka Museum of Natural History

    Osaka Museum of Natural History features 10,000 exhibits including a life sized replica of a Naumann’s elephant (extinct elephant that used to live in Japan) and dinosaur displays plus the types of foods eating by humans in the past.

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    Osaka International Peace Centre

    Osaka International Peace Centre is a museum which focuses on the destruction of Osaka during World War II. There are also exhibits of Japan’s roll in World War II. Osaka International Peace Centre is within Osaka Castle Park.

  • Osaka Museum of Housing and Living

    Osaka Museum of Housing and Living features a life sized recreation of Osaka during the late Edo period, plus pictures and models showing the housing and lifestyle during the later periods.

  • Osaka Human Rights Museum

    Osaka Human Rights Museum, also known as Liberty Osaka, is in Naniwanishi district of Osaka. The purpose of the Osaka Human Rights Museum is to exhibit the importance of human rights, along with past and present discrimination against groups of people.

  • Namban Bunkakan Museum

    Namban Bunkakan Museum, Umeda Osaka, features the artworks brought to Japan by the Portuguese and Spanish merchants and missionaries during 1543-1693. This culture is refered to as Namban Bunka.

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    Modern Transport Museum Osaka

    Modern Transport Museum Osaka displays an extensive range of trains along with a few early cars and planes, but prize display item is the very first Shinkansen. The trains on display include steam, diesel, electric and a prototype magnetic levitation train.