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Osaka Temples

Guide to Osaka Temples including all the popular temples in Osaka. Most temples in Japan are  Buddhist Temples. There are some very old Japanese Temple which were established over 1,200 years ago. Today some of these very old wooden temple buildings still survive, however many have been destroyed by lightning, fire, earthquakes, storms or war and have been rebuilt over the years. Still many of these rebuilt temple buildings are hundreds of years old. Many of these very old Japanese Temples are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

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    Shitennoji Temple

    Shitennoji Temple was established in 593AD, making it the first Buddhist temple in Japan. Shitennoji Temple is a large temple complex which includes a five story pagoda.

  • Ryuanji Temple

    Ryuanji Temple is a Buddhist temple in Mino, which was established by the En-no-gyoja in 658AD after he was enlightened through his training under the Mino Waterfall.

  • Jigenji Temple

    Jigenji Temple, also known as Nozaki Kannon, is one of the most famous Buddhist temple in Japanese history with reference made to in many novels, songs and plays. Gyoki (668-749), the high priest at that time, made a wooden sculpture of the Goddess of Mercy and enshrined it. This is Read more [...]

  • Jokoji Temple

    Jokoji Temple is a Buddhist temple, which is in Eastern Osaka Prefecture, was established in 745, it is the birth place of ‘Kawachi-ondo’, the most famous bon odori (a traditional Japanese dance) song.

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    Hozenji Temple

    Hozenji Temple is a very small is a Buddhist temple, that was established in 1637 and which enshrines Mizukakefudo. This temple feels very out of place in the modern Dotonbori with all its modern commercial lighting, so it is great to see that it has survived all this time. Hozenji Temple Read more [...]