All Gardens and Parks in Higashisumiyoshi

Higashisumiyoshi Gardens & Parks

Higashisumiyoshi Gardens and Parks including the main gardens and parks in Higashisumiyoshi , but doesn’t include gardens within temples and shrines. Parks are generally large and may contain gardens within, often Japanese gardens, but not always.

  • Nagai Botanical Garden

    Nagai Botanical Garden, in the south east corner of Nagai Park in Nagai Osaka, features 11 special gardens and a large 580sqm flower bed. Nagai Botanical Garden has a total size of 24 hectares and displays over 1,000 species of trees.

  • Nagai Park

    Nagai Park is a large (65.7 ha) park which features three sports stadium including the 50,000 seat Nagai Stadium, baseball field and Nagai Botanical Garden. Nagai Park is also famous for its cherry blossom which lines many of the paths through the park.