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Osaka Districts

Guide to Osaka Districts and their main attractions. Osaka is sub divided into wards or cities, which are then further sub divided into districts or neighborhoods. Some of the most famous Osaka Districts include Dotonbori, Umeda, Shinsekai, Shinsaibashi, Tempozan and Namba. The list below details the most popular districts for visitors to Osaka.

Dotonbori one of the famous Osaka Districts

Dotonbori one of the famous Osaka Districts

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    Den Den Town

    Den Den Town is Osaka’s Akihabara. This area was once popular for its wide variety of consumer electronics stores. These days, Den Den Town has become known as a haven for anime and otaku culture. Tora no Ana and, Joshin Gundams are popular among them. There are many maid cafes Read more [...]