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  • Fuji Speedway

    Fuji Speedway is the international race track where events such as the Japanese F1 are held. Fuji Speedway is near Mt Fuji.

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    Ryogoku Kokugikan

    Ryogoku Kokugikan is the largest sumo arena in Japan with a capacity for 13,000 spectators and where the three Grand Sumo Tournaments or basho are held in January, May and September. The current Ryogoku Kokugikan building was completed in 1985, however there have been two previous Kokugikan buildings in Tokyo. Read more [...]

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    BoraBora Omiya

    A café, relaxed dining space, karaoke parlour and billiards & darts hall all in one. The food itself takes its influences from Mexican plus a few pinches of Hawaiian, South-East Asian and Mediterranean thrown in for good measure (see menu). Open from 11:30AM – 5:00AM every day. Has cheap unlimited drinking deals, Read more [...]

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    BoraBora Kobe

    A café, relaxed dining terrace, karaoke parlour and billiards & darts hall all in one. Decor taking inspiration from Southeast Asia (think Thailand, Vietnam & Indonesia) while the food itself takes its influences from those plus a few pinches of Hawaiian and Mediterranean thrown in for good measure (see menu). Read more [...]

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    dining & bar KITSUNE

    A place where the gourmand, the drinker, and the club aficionado can all find what they seek and more, dining & bar KITSUNE has been a centre for the diners & partygoers of Shibuya, creating unrivalled experiences since December 2000. French, Italian & traditional Japanese cuisine blend together in a Read more [...]

  • Rusutsu Resort

    Rusutsu Resort is the largest ski resort in Hokkaido featuring 37 ski runs and 19 lifts. Rusutsu Resort features 2.1 square km of skiable area and vertical drop of 594m. The longest ski run within the resort is 3.5km and the total length of the 37 ski runs is 42km. Read more [...]

  • Sapporo Teine

    Sapporo Teine is a ski resort to the west of Sapporo City on Mt Teine and only 40 minutes from Sapporo City by car. At 1023m elavation, Sapporo Teine features power snow which is ideal for skiing and snowboarding a like. Sapporo Teine was used in the 1972 Winter Olympics Read more [...]

  • Shiga-kogen Heights

    Shiga Kogen is a famous ski resort in the heart of the Joshinetsu National Park, Nagano Prefecture. Shiga Kogen is a famous for its amazing panoramic views, and powder quality snow.