All Landmarks in Tokyo

Tokyo Landmarks

Guide to Tokyo landmarks which includes significant buildings, bridges, statues, intersections and structures in Tokyo.

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    Shibuya Crossing

    Shibuya Crossing is an extremely busy and famous pedestrian scramble crossing in the fashionable Shibuya district. Shibuya Crossing is an iconic scene and frequently used to depict how busy Tokyo is. Shibuya Crossing, also referred to as Shibuya Scramble Crossing, is outside the popular Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station. This exit was Read more [...]

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    Takeshita Dori

    Takeshita-dori is a narrow pedestrian only street packed with young fashionable people and lined with fashion boutiques and cafes. Takeshita-dori is where many of the stores are located that sell the clothing that is known as Harajuku Fashion. This busy street is located opposite Harajuku Station in the famous district Read more [...]

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    Hachiko Statue

    The Hachiko Statue in Shibuya Tokyo celebrates the life of Japan’s most famous dog, Hachiko, and his legendary loyalty to his owner. This Hachiko Statue is located next to the famous Shibuya Crossing and the very busy Shibuya Station. Indeed the Shibuya Station exit closest to the statue has been named after Read more [...]

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    Shinobazu Pond

    Shinobazu Pond is a large pond or lake within Ueno Park to the north east of central Tokyo. Shinobazu Pond is divided into three sections: Cormorant Pond, Boat Pond and Lotus Pond. The Cormorant Pond is within the grounds of Ueno Zoo. in the middle of Shinobazu Pond is Benten Read more [...]

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    Tokyo Imperial Palace

    Tokyo Imperial Palace, Kokyo, is the primary residence of the Japanese Head of State, the Emperor of Japan. The Tokyo Imperial Palace, which includes beautiful gardens that can be toured by the public.

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    Rainbow Bridge

    Rainbow Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Tokyo Port, on the northernmost part of Tokyo Bay, connecting the Shibaura Wharf and the new waterfront development area, known as Odaiba. Rainbow Bridge is an elegant looking bridge and features in many day and night time pictures of Tokyo. The bridge Read more [...]

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    Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

    Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, also known as Modo gakuen kokun tawa, is a 50 story Skyscraper which is 204m high. Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower was designed by Tange Associates and completed in 2008 when it won the Emporis Skyscraper Award for architectural excellence. The building houses three education institutions Shuto Read more [...]

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    Ginza 4-chome Intersection

    Ginza 4-chome Intersection is the heart of Ginza, the famous up market fashion district of Tokyo. Ginza 4-chome Intersection is marked by two landmark buildings, Wako Department Store and The San-ai Building. The other two corners are occupied by the Nissan Gallery and Mitsukoshi Department Store Ginza. From Ginza 4-chome Read more [...]

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    Yusen Building

    Yusen Building is a 15 story 70m high Skyscraper that was completed in 1978 and designed by Mitsubishi Jisho. The Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Building is in Chiyoda Tokyo.