All Bridges in Tokyo

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    Rainbow Bridge

    Rainbow Bridge is a suspension bridge over the Tokyo Port, on the northernmost part of Tokyo Bay, connecting the Shibaura Wharf and the new waterfront development area, known as Odaiba. Rainbow Bridge is an elegant looking bridge and features in many day and night time pictures of Tokyo. The bridge Read more [...]

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    Nihonbashi Bridge

    Nihonbashi, which literally means Japan Bridge, is the historic bridge which crosses the Nihonbashi River. The first Nihonbashi bridge was wooden and completed in 1603. In 1911, the current stone bridge was completed. Nihonbashi (bridge) was referred to as the Japan Bridge as it was the eastern end of the Read more [...]

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    Nijubashi, literally means “double bridge”, is the common name of the bridge that crosses the moat to the main gate (Nishinmaru-mon) of the Tokyo Imperial Palace. However, Nijubashi actually refers to the wooden bridges which were replaced by the current stone and cast iron bridge in the Meiji Period. The Read more [...]