All Museums and Art Galleries in Tokyo

Tokyo Museums & Art Galleries

Guide to Tokyo Museums and Art Galleries including all the main Museums and Art Galleries Tokyo.

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    Edo Tokyo Museum

    Edo Tokyo Museum is a museum of the history of Tokyo. The main features of the permanent exhibitions are the life-size replica of the Nihonbashi, which was the bridge leading into Edo (Tokyo). Edo Tokyo Museum, which opened in 1993, building covers 30,000 square meters and is modeled on the Read more [...]

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    Museum of Maritime Science

    The Museum of Maritime Science is a six-story museum shaped like a full-sized ocean liner, unsurprisingly devoted to ships. One of the main displays, a gigantic turbine engine, was actually set in place first and the museum was built around it. There are a few historic vessels on the adjacent Read more [...]

  • Yumeji Takehisa Museum

    Yumeji Takehisa Museum exhibits some of the water colors, paintings and poems from the famous Japanese artist Yumeji Takehisa (1884-1934). Yumeji Takehisa Museum is in Bunkyo Ward Tokyo.

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    Toyota MEGA WEB

    Toyota MEGA WEB is a Toyota car technology showcase where you see some great racing cars Toyota produces, drive a micro electric car and sit in many of the current Toyota cars many of which are not available outside of Japan. Toyota MEGA WEB is in Odaiba Tokyo.

  • Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum

    Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum is an art museum in Minato Ward Tokyo, but is actually close to the Meguro Station. While the Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum Building is a relatively modern Art Deco building, it has served three significant roles in the past: State Guest House (1950 – Read more [...]

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    TEPCO Electric Power Museum

    The TEPCO Electric Power Museum is a multistory building with very distinctive Tokyo Architecture. The TEPCO Electric Power Museum features information on nuclear power. TEPCO stands for Tokyo Electric Power Company. The TEPCO Electric Power Museum is in Shibuya.

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    Tobacco and Salt Museum

    Tobacco and Salt Museum is an unusual topic for a museum, but it relates back to the former monopoly on the sale of these two products by the Japanese government. The museum depicts the history of tobacco and salt around the world and specifically in Japan. The Tobacco and Salt Read more [...]