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Guide to Tokyo Shrines including the most popular one, Meiji Jingu Shrine, and the most controversial one, Yasukuni Shrine. Other Tokyo Shrines of note include Shinagawa Shrine and Toshogu Shrine. Most shrines in Japan are Shinto Shrines. The Shinto religion is an indigenous religion to Japan.

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Meiji Jingu Shrine Entrance Gate - 1104

Meiji Jingu Shrine Entrance Gate

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    Yasukuni Shrine

    Yasukuni Shrine is Shinto Shrine which houses the souls of some 2.5 million people killed in Japan’s wars. Yasukuni Shrine is controversial because it houses the soles of convicted war criminals executed by the Allies. Yasukuni Shrine received international media coverage when Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi visited the shrine, causing Read more [...]

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    Meiji Jingu Shrine

    Meiji Jingu Shrine (明治神宮) is one of the most popular shrines in Tokyo and is a must see for anyone visiting Tokyo. Not only is this shrine easy to access via train to Harajuku Station, it is also right next to the very popular and fashionable Harajuku. This makes it easy Read more [...]

  • Yushima Tenmangu Shrine

    Yushima Tenmangu Shrine, also known as Yushima Tenjin Shrine, is a Shinto Shrine dedicated to the god of wisdom, Michizane Sugawara. Yushima Tenmangu Shrine is in Bunkyo Ward Tokyo. The grounds of Yushima Tenmangu Shrine feature a Japanese plum tree garden where a plum tree festival is held annually from Read more [...]

  • Tomioka Hachiman Shrine

    Tomioka Hachiman Shrine is the largest Hachiman (dedicated to the god of war who is also the protector of the Japanese people) Shinto Shrine in Tokyo. Tomioka Hachiman Shrine was established in 1627, however all the buildings were burnt down during fire bombing in 1945. Tomioka Hachiman Shrine is also Read more [...]

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    Toshogu Shrine

    Toshogu Shrine was built in 1617 is considered to be valuable for its historical architecture, Grand Oishi Torii Gate and bronze garden lanterns. Toshogu Shrine is open every day of the year. Toshogu Shrine is situated within Ueno Park Tokyo.

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    Shinagawa Shrine

    Shinagawa Shrine is a Shinto Shrine in Shinagawa Ward of Tokyo, that was established by Minamoto Yoritomo in 1187. The object of enshrinement at Shinagawa Shrine is Daikokuten (god of food).

  • Oji Inari Shrine

    Oji Inari Shrine is a Shinto Shrine dedicated to the deity Inari, who is the patron of fertility, rice, agriculture and foxes. The Oji District in Kita Ward Tokyo, had been a major rice growing area for more than a thousand years. Oji Inari Shrine, which features a beautiful painted Read more [...]

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    Nezu Shrine

    Nezu Shrine is a Shinto Shrine in Bunkyo Tokyo. According to legend Nezu Shrine was established over 1,900 years ago in Sendagi by Yamato Takeruno Mikoto. In 1705, the 5th shogun Tsunayoshi relocated it from Sendagi to its current site. Nezu Shrine has several parts which are designated Important Cultural Read more [...]

  • Nagasaki Shrine

    Nagasaki Shrine is a Shinto Shrine in Toshima Ward of Tokyo. The object of enshrinement at Nagasaki Shrine is Kushinada-hime (female god).