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Japan Airport Guide covering the main airports in Japan including Narita Airport (Tokyo), Haneda Airport (Tokyo), Kansai Airport (Osaka) and Naha Airport (Okinawa).

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    Narita Airport

    Narita Airport (IATA: NRT, ICAO: RJAA) is the main gateway for international travelers to Tokyo. Narita Airport, officially known as Narita International Airport, but also referred to as Tokyo Narita, is 70km (43miles) from central Tokyo.  Most international flights to Tokyo go to Narita Airport although some from China and Read more [...]

  • Fukuoka Airport

    Fukuoka Airport, (IATA: FUK, ICAO: RJFF), is an international and domestic airport only 3km from Hakata Station in central Fukuoka. Fukuoka Airport is the fourth busiest in Japan, but is limited by an early night curfew of 10pm. Fukuoka Airport is connected to the rest of Fukuoka via the Fukuoka Read more [...]

  • Hiroshima Airport

    Hiroshima Airport, (IATA: HIJ, ICAO: RJOA), formerly known as Hiroshima-Nishi Airport (changed 1994) is in Mihara Hiroshima 50km east of Hiroshima city. Hiroshima Airport is an international and domestic airport which is the largest airport in Chugoku region. There is no rail link to Hiroshima Airport.

  • New Chitose Airport

    New Chitose Airport (IATA: CTS, ICAO: RJCC) is the international and domestic airport servicing Sapporo, Niseko and other cities of Hokkaido.

  • Memanbetsu Airport

    Memanbetsu Airport (IATA: MMB, ICAO: RJCM) services the north eastern part of Hokkaido including the UNESCO World Heritage Shiretoko National Park. Memanbetsu Airport is a domestic airport with connecting flights to New Chitose Airport (Sapporo), Haneda Airport (Tokyo), Chubu Centrair International Airport (Nagoya) and limited seasonal flights to the Kansai Read more [...]

  • Hakodate Airport

    Hakodate Airport (IATA: HKD, ICAO: RJCH), is an international and domestic airport 10km from central Hakodate. In addition to domestic flights, Hakodate Airport has scheduled flights to Korea and Taiwan, plus charter flights to Hong Kong.

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    Kobe Airport

    Kobe Airport (IATA: UKB, ICAO: RJBE) is a domestic airport on an artificial island just off the coast of Kobe. Kobe Airport is mainly serviced by Skymark Airlines.

  • Sendai Airport

    Sendai Airport (IATA: SDJ, ICAO: RJSS) is an international airport, but most traffic using the airport are domestic flights. Sendai Airport is 13km to the south east of central Sendai in Natori Miyagi Prefecture. Sendai Airport is connected to Sendai Station via the Sendai Airport Line. Sendai Airport became world Read more [...]

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    Naha Airport

    Naha Airport (IATA: OKA, ICAO: ROAH) in Naha Okinawa Prefecture. Naha Airport is a second class airport, which services both international and domestic flights.