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  • Hakata Port International Terminal

    Hakata Port International Terminal is where the international ferry services to Busan South Korea terminate. In addition to the Fukuoka Japan to Busan ferry services, the Hakata Port International Terminal is also where cruise ships berth while visiting Fukuoka. Included within the port complex is a bus interchange which allows access Read more [...]

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    Nagoya Port

    Nagoya Port is a redeveloped water front area in Nagoya, which features some great attractions including Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium – Nagoyako, Nagoya Maritime Museum, Fuji Antarctic Museum and Nagoya Port Building Observation Deck.

  • Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal

    Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal is the main cruise ship terminal in Yokohama, but also serves as a gateway to Tokyo, Mt Fuji and beyond. Osanbashi Yokohama International Passenger Terminal is located only a short walk from the heart of modern Yokohama including transport, shopping, entertainment and restaurants. Osanbashi Yokohama Read more [...]

  • Unten Port

    Unten Port, on the main island of Okinawa , is where the ferries going to and from Izena Island berth.

  • Naha Port Terminal

    Naha Port Terminal in Naha is where ferries depart for other island in the Okinawa group, including Fukuoka, Kagoshima Prefecture and Amani Islands. Naha Port Terminal is not the same as Naha New Port Terminal.

  • Naha New Port Terminal

    Naha New Port Terminal (also referred to as Aja Port or Naha Shin-ko) in Naha is where the Ryukyu Express and ferries to and from Nagoya, Kobe, Osaka Prefecture and Tokyo berth.

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    Tempozan Passenger Terminal

    Tempozan Passenger Terminal is the main Osaka Cruise Ship Terminal where most of the cruise ships visiting Osaka stop. Tempozan Passenger Terminal is known as Tempozan Wharf (W-3 and W-5), is 350m long and has depth of 11.0m. Facilities include one passenger gangway, Customs, Immigration and Quarantine. Tempozan Passenger Terminal Read more [...]

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    Nagahama Port

    Nagahama Port is the area of Nagahama on the edge of Lake Biwa Shiga Prefecture where pleasure and cruise boats take tourists for rides on Lake Biwa.