All Temples in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Yamaguchi Prefecture Temples

Guide to Yamaguchi Prefecture Temples including all the popular temples in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Most temples in Japan are  Buddhist Temples. There are some very old Japanese Temple which were established over 1,200 years ago. Today some of these very old wooden temple buildings still survive, however many have been destroyed by lightning, fire, earthquakes, storms or war and have been rebuilt over the years. Still many of these rebuilt temple buildings are hundreds of years old. Many of these very old Japanese Temples are UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Kinzan Kozanji Temple

    Kinzan Kozanji Temple is a Buddhist temple of the Rinzai sect which is in Shimonoseki in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The Butsuden of Kinzan Kozanji Temple was completed in 1320 and is a designated National Treasure, features elements of Japanese and Chinese architecture in its design. The Butsuden’s architectural style is known Read more [...]